about us

Arabesk has been designing 3D models for various types of industries since 2010.
By having a large manufacturing team and using lots of CNC machines and also 3D printers for so many materials such as wood, plastic, stone, marble, light metals, heavy metals, etc we know exactly how a manufacturer and operator needs to work with these designs. This is the main reason that our customers trust us the most because we know exactly how this 3D model will look like when you manufacture it.

Arabesk tries to make the best category of 3D models and will update these categories daily.
Also using an amazing data logging system we will know which types of models are the most popular and we will try to add more models to those categories.
Arabesk can design a model exclusively for you. We worked very hard to build a strong trust for our customers on the privacy of their models.

After a long time of experience, we decided to build an international foundation to do this business worldwide. So we designed this website as a platform to achieve this goal. We have great plans to make this website a fabulous experience for our customers and we are working really hard on that. You would honor us to accompany on this amazing journey. Your needs are what we care about the most. So share your ideas and needs that you think we can provide them for you. so we make this website more and more efficient every day.